​Kristin Rattler is the founder and CEO of Mold Me

Kristin attended multiple schools throughout her early childhood education. She had the opportunity to see that morale can be low amongst children and teens when good character and morals aren't taught on a consistent basis. She also understands that character, thinking interdependently and confidence can be the deciding factor when it comes to being successful. Her ultimate goal is to create positive workshops that will create self- acceptance and unity for our young adults.

         -Kristin Rattler

Our Founder

Our Co-Founder

​Kisha Jones is the Co-founder of Mold Me

​"Character Building and Strong Sense of Self can take a lifetime to master. Discovering these concepts at an early age is key to finding internal motivation to overcome adversity that life will bring.  Our youth and teens workshops will empower and develop our future leaders now. "

         -Kisha Jones